About Us

WANT FOR WILD is about fulfilling our need for wide open spaces, quiet wilderness and the challenges and rewards spending time in nature provides. It’s a place to chronicle our journeys outside, reflect on experiences and dream big about future adventures.

We’re excited to share with you! We’ll detail the places we visit, review gear, and share what we’ve learned. By doing so, we hope to help fellow adventurers like yourself get ready to embrace the outdoors and make memories of your own. 

We’re Pattie and Andoni Zagouris, a couple who loves to travel and spend time outdoors together. We find it refreshes us, enriches our souls and brings us closer to that feeling of being full of what life has to give. Each time we go camping, hiking, riding, stargazing, or simply take in a breath of  fresh air, our want for wild grows.  There’s nothing like a drive home from an amazing trip or a quiet moment of awe from a cliff to make you feel the pull towards more and more experiences outdoors.

We are both employed full time, and most of our adventures happen on the weekend or over vacation days. Pattie works in education, so we have lots of options when it comes to vacation time and we try to make the most of it for big trips. Over the last few years we’ve had some unforgettable adventures, but our want more cannot be satiated. We have that lingering desire for more wilderness, starry skies and that sense of peace you find when you spend time in nature. That is what we’ve started this blog, to chronicle our want for wild and how it shapes our lives.

Get to know us each a little more.

Pattie grew up on a resaca in South Texas with a yard full of mesquite trees to climb, plenty of space to ride her bike, and multiple opportunities to discover adventure. Though her first camping experience wasn’t until after college, her childhood rooted her with an appreciation for the outdoors. Her professional love is teaching, and currently, Pattie is a literacy coach in a public school district in Texas. She believes we should all read more, write more, and do more to learn about the world around us. Pattie picks audiobooks for our road trips, stops and takes more pictures than we need and loves to dive into research on which trail will leave us enchanted by its sense of place. She hopes this blog adds to the ongoing conversation about living life to its fullest and connecting with the beautiful world we were born into.

Andoni spent the weekends of his youth on the waters of the Laguna Madre and his summer vacations roadtripping to national sites, camping, and  exploring. He spends his work life as a mechanical engineer, designing, experimenting and problem solving, and when he needs brain breaks, he takes them on YouTube and blogs, watching adventure videos, van-life researching (an ongoing debate!), and geeking out over equipment. In one word, Andoni is curious. He pushes us out the door on weekends to hike, bike, paddle, or camp with friends, and his analytical nature has us doing all of these things with an organized and well-researched tow of gear. His hope is that this blog chronicles our adventures, allowing us to reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and how it has made a difference in our journey through life.