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Last year, I spent a considerable amount of time researching sleeping gear. Andoni and I seemed to be ramping up the number of outdoor adventuring trips we were taking, and I wanted to be more comfortable at night. I’ve always believed that money spent on a good night’s sleep is never money wasted. So, I watched videos, read reviews and compared brands on sleeping pads and sleeping bags. Weight, temperature rating, comfort – I researched it all. At the end of the day, I spent what I consider to be a nice chunk of change on my sleep setup of a Sierra Design sleeping bag (discontinued – see new version here) and Sea to Summit sleeping pad (and this pump sack, which is now sold integrated into the stuff sack of the new version of my sleeping pad).

What I overlooked? A pillow.

I know, I know. Now that we have pillows I wish I could take back all of those nights when I tossed and turned and rearranged my makeshift pillow which usually comprised of a couple pieces of clothing bundled together.

We ended up buying Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Ultralight pillows. I wanted us to have our own pillows, so we ended up buying one teal and one red. The pillow weighs only 2.1 oz and my favorite feature is the inflation valve. My sleeping pad has the same valve and it makes it ridiculously easy to air up and down. The valve has two tabs which means it functions as a one-way valve when only the top tab is open, only letting air in as you inflate. No losing air as you take breaths. When it’s time to deflate, you simply pull the second tab and air is quickly released without having to use pressure. I didn’t realize that I’d care so much about inflation valves when I first purchased my sleeping pad, but after inflating my pad versus my Andoni’s, I’m happy to say I have the far easier setup.

Thermarest valve for reference
Sea to Summit one-way valve design holds in pressure during inflation
Blue adjustment point allows you to change pressure level without totally deflating.
This is especially convenient when adjusting your pillow firmness at night!
Pillows stow away in small bags

We’re pretty happy with our purchase. No more readjusting bundled up jackets all night! Now, with no more than 2 to 3 breaths, we have reliable pillows to help us sleep more sound.

On a budget? This Trekology pillow looks almost identical to ours and weighs only 2.75 oz. It doesn’t have the fancy valve – but it’s half the price. My brother recently bought one for his first camping trip, and he’s satisfied with the purchase.

Sleep well out there, y’all.

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